Simon Bryant


Simon Bryant


  • All meetings are delivered virtually via Zoom
  • Meeting durations are 1 hour long
  • Meetings are one-on-one
  • Upon booking confirmation you will be provided with Zoom meeting details

Simon has proven over his 25 year career to have many strings to his bow, from Executive Chef of the Hilton Adelaide, to television presenter on The Cook and the Chef and now Festival Director of Tasting Australia with writing a few books tossed in between. His passion however for good quality food has not waivered.

Simon brings a wealth of knowledge to the program, with a food philosophy of using the most ethically sourced, local and fresh ingredients. Simon believes his job is to just get the food on the plate with the minimum of fuss and let the produce shine. Simon’s position is clear, for him it’s all about the quality of the produce being used, it’s his job as the chef to get out of the way and just be the vehicle that gets the hard work of the producer on the plate.

Simon will be available for one-on-one appointments for those businesses looking to create an iconic dish or assistance with taking their food to the next level.